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Barbara launched her writing career when she was 7 years old with her short story “Petunia Potapetal.”  After completing this seminal work in first grade she took a short break to embrace puberty.  It took a while to sort it all out, as these things do, but she prevailed.  Barbara began writing her first full length novel in her 10th grade algebra class and has never looked back.  She received her B.S. in Organismal Biology from the University of Kansas and went on to finish her M.A. in Creative Writing in Science Fiction under the direct tutelage of James Gunn at the University of Kansas.

The first version of her novel, SONG OF THE LAMKEE, served as her thesis for her Master's degree and was archived in the KU library in1994.  It was finally published in the spring of 2013 by NobleFusion Press.  She has begun working on book two of the Erebis Series but is also working on a new project currently titled REVELATION.  Once all that is all wrapped up, she intends to start a series of speculative stories called THE BUBBI BOOKS.  This is true only as long as it doesn't interfere with completeing SHADOW OF THE PHADES: BOOK TWO OF THE EREBIS SERIES.  Her fans are loyal but have a passionate streak for lamkee that won't be denied for long. Apparently they don't really want to wait too long to find out what trouble Khym gets Talin get into next.

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Barbara lives with her soul-mate and husband in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  They live in an antique stone farmhouse that boasts no less than 6 ancient ghosts with very progressive thoughts on how to live with humans.  Among other things, this paranormal situation creates a bubble of magic that seems to be a beacon to any critter that needs human intervention.  It usually means food, shelter and ridiculous veterinary bills.  This modest but charming horse farm is Barbara's dream home and when she is not writing or deep in the weeds of her consulting work, it fills the majority of her free time since she is addicted to her horses, all manner of fauna and the magic of the outdoors.  She rides her horses whenever she can, loves to figure skate, and is passing fair at gardening.  Barbara can, on occasion, be found doting on her son when he comes home from college to do laundry and she dabbles in the kitchen in order to keep up with her culinary-school trained husband.

She began NobleFusion in the dawn of 1994 and holds the expanded collective as her favorite authors and the Principle Founders among her closest friends.

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