Talin has saved his home world from catastrophic disaster and now rules as Principle with his lamkee Elder Khym and Kirby, the brilliant leader of ECO, close by his side.  His sister Faye languishes safely behind stone doors in Perso prison and several seasons of peace have graced Gaea and the other three moons of the Principality.  The Phades, like Medraut, have slipped back into the shadows and are forgotten in the lull of peace.

     But when Technology mysteriously begins to fail, thousands of lives on Aeolus and Gaea are lost.  The embers of long-buried anger and suspicion between the Logen and the Tengu/Vingaard factions erupt into violent conflagration and civil war sweeps Gaea and sets the boughs of Aeolus afire. In the flames of fear a new foe is born – the Phades.

     As Talin and Medraut rush head-long into direct confrontation over the Phades, Dinin and Sabra race to save Dinin’s brother, Aidian, and uncover an ugly truth that may unhinge any chance at healing the rift between the Logen and the Tengu/Vingaard. But Talin believes there is another threat – one far greater than the Phades – lurking behind the shadows and he must risk losing both Khym and his best friend to convince mortal enemies to ally against an enemy that threatens to destroy them all.


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© Barbara E. Hill 2020